Hi, I am

I work in Cancer Care, Sustainability and Education.

I work on projects dealing with the remote, the rural and the poor.

I am a Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Designer and a Researcher focussed upon people.

Current Work


Supportive care App for Pancreatic Cancer patients. Funding Agency: Cancer Australia.

Older and Wiser

Supportive Care App for Older Cancer Patients. Funding Agency: Cancer Australia.


Health Information Portal and App for Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy.

My First Six Months

Projects where the Learner Completes the Curriculum. Focus upon Progressive and Alternative Pedagogy. First Year Studios, Industrial Design Program, RMIT University.

Bottom Quintile

Projects focussed upon the needs of the Bottom Quintile. Collaborations with Primary Health Care, Dental, Legal Aid and Forensic Services in Melbourne, Australia. 

Barefoot College

Projects focussed upon Remote Rural Poor Women. I serve as Technical Advisor, and as supervisor for Design Projects.