Startups, Creating Ventures, and Running Businesses.
  • Studio Soumitri: Commissioned Works. 1986 and ongoing.
  • Grow your Inner Entrepreneur: Design Studio, ending food security in Laverton, through setting up locally owned new startups, 2017.
  • Startup ecosystem: In the Bay Area and Seattle. Study trip, 2016.
  • Diabetes Service: Diabetes CoManagement Company startup exploration, TMedex Pvt Ltd. 2007-2015.
  • 5th Quadrant: Three design graduates set up a consultancy – 5th Quadrant – after spending 6 months in my office visualizing their venture, 1997.
  • Recycling Incubator: Design studio, to make ventures out of waste, 2006.
  • Three Recycling Ventures: The Campus Recycling Programme (IIT Delhi) supported ventures; Naya Savera, Prakash Environmental Group, & Indian Pollution Control Association.
  • Ash Design Pvt Limited: A design consulting firm. Green Park, New Delhi, 1987-1991.
  • Open Technologies: A prototyping workshop, and a furniture manufacturing enterprise. Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi, 1988-1991.


I set up my first company in 1986. I was 25, a year out of design school, and living in New Delhi. The company had one employee, me, and a network of affiliates comprising model makers, CAD modellers and a tool room.

A year later I invited two friends to join me to form a private limited company – Ash Design Pvt. Limited, from the first alphabet of our names, Avik, Soumitri & Heena – with capacity in product design, exhibition design, interior design and graphic design. By 1990 our entrepreneurship energy led to our studio growing to include our vendors as employees, and we formed a furniture manufacturing business named Open Technologies. Our new factory was in Okhla, the industrial estate in South Delhi.

This early exposure to ‘business’ makes me view every project as an enterprise.