Slatted Constructions, Hunting Wajima Project

Slatted Construction is a range of furniture designed with a focus upon precise and robust joinery. Using both the Domino (Festool) and rectilinear geometry – the range is designed to serve as a base range. Upon which the local crafts can be imagined – as in-fill, decoration and location for customisation with textile craft products. The project responds to a brief to design furniture that could serve as an income generation stream for a community in Timor Leste. Run from 2014, and ongoing, the project delivered branding schemes, designs of furniture pieces and a vision for a social enterprise to be located out of Dili.

  • Featured Images: Slatted Constructions
  • Year: 2014 – 2017 (ongoing)
  • Agency-industry: Community Housing Limited, Australia
  • Acknowledgement: Ronnie Lacham