Indo-European Eco-design Programme (IEEP)

Developing an Ecodesign Network in India and Portugal

The Indian European Ecodesign Program (IEEP) was a three-year collaborative project partly funded by the European Commission under the EU-India Cross Cultural Program. The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD), the Delft University of Technology (DUT), Netherlands and the National Institute of Engineering and Industrial Technology (INETI), Portugal, were the Network partners. The program, which started in 1999 focussed upon the development of Ecodesign capability, through the exchange and development of Ecodesign knowledge and expertise and by forming a strong network among design professionals, academia and industry. To make this introduction of Ecodesign successful in Delhi, the strategy of the project was to train 50 industrial designers and make aware 50 companies and put them together to start the critical mass of demo projects. This was done through workshops, pilot demo projects with companies and academic exchange. During the three-year program the team focused upon the development of an appropriate Ecodesign methodology for the Indian context. At the start of the IEEP program representatives from India, Portugal and the Netherlands presented and exchanged their own Ecodesign experiences, methodologies and business examples to each other.

The Indian European Ecodesign Program was visualized to act as one change agent to generate consensus on the need for good environmental performance in all sectors of society and industry, and to make available the necessary mechanisms to aid in the change process.

Credits: Han Brezet, J C Diehl, Rui Frazao, Cristine Rocha

Year: 1999 – 2003

Grant: EU-India Cross Cultural Program (400,000 Euros)

Acknowledgement: EU-India Cross Cultural Program, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, TU Delft, INETI.