Learning Manufacturing

1929 Austin 7 Restoration Project

In May 2003, the 25 students, of the Masters Class at IT Delhi, and I stood around the 1929 Austin 7 and everyone was grinning – we had done it, the grin said.

2003年5月,我和印度德里理工学院大师班的25名学生,环绕在那台1929 奥斯汀七的周围笑着 – 我们的笑容说到:我们做到了。

In January when we started there were two facts – a course in technology that needed to be done and a derelict vintage car that needed restoring. I had taken the car into the classroom and had asked if the students would be interested in restoring the car as the way for them to learn about manufacturing processes.

在一月份开始时,我们面对了两个事实 – 一堂需要完成的技术课程,和另一台需要修复的废弃老式汽车。我把汽车带到了教室,并询问学生是否有兴趣将修复旧汽车作为他们了解制造工艺的方式。

The project answers the question: How best to learn about manufacturing processes when at university? This is one way to go about it. An enduring memory and student-transformative experience.



  • Set Up: Four Months of work, 25 students and help from workshop staff. A great looking car at the end.
  • Teaching practice highlights: Student-orientated, focus upon learning, Content of education is arbitrary, open to negotiation.
  • Course: Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Finishes,
  • Program: MDes Program, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • Year: 2003
  • Resources: Graduates from the automobile industry contributed components and materials.
  • Acknowledgement: Students of 2002 Batch, Honda, Royal Enfield, Daewoo.
  • Photography: Shailan Parker.