ETTL Telephone

The Design focuses upon using generic key pads and handsets with a custom casing. The design was also tailored for tooling at the Government Tool Room & Training Centre in Wazirpur.

Sketch design approval was followed with Mockups. Mockups were made at Model Artician, Kotla Mubarakpur in wood. The wood was patternmakers material and was very hard to paint, and protect from the oils in the wood. The final wooden model was then taken forward to a fabricated acrylic casing for use as a prototype. The electronics were not ready by the time the casing was presented.

This was my first project taking an injection moulding project from sketch through to tool room.

Eastern Telecom and Technology Limited was a company focussed upon feature phone manufacture in India. They built a factory in Kashipur, and our factory (Open Technologies) fabricated and supplied all the factory assembly workstations and staff furniture.

Year: 1987-1990

Industry: Eastern Telecom and Technology Limited (ETTL)

Acknowledgement: Satya Vrat Gupta (CEO, ETTL), Rajesh Kher, Jit Ram (Model Artician)