My First Six Months

I have established a studio teaching project. That proposes that “the learner completes the curriculum”. 2019 is year 2 of the 5 year program.

Blended Learning

I established a funded project. Focussed upon shifting the culture of blended learning in Design Education at RMIT University.

Learner Centered Project

I set up and ran a three year capacity development project. The Project received a University Teaching Award for Program Innovation.


I set a Master of Architecture Program in Industrial Design. Featured the typology – Management, Culture and Technology.

Service Design

Drafted the Curriculum for a two year Masters Program in Service Design, 2009. Incorporates Government and Industry capacity development.

Social Innovation

Drafted a Masters Program in Social Innovation incorporating a pathway of accreditation for activists and staff in the third sector.



I set up and ran a recycling service, for five years. Employed 30 staff. Picked up 2 tonnes of waste every day.

Pedal Power

I coordinated a project to Redesign and Prototype a lighter cycle rickshaw. With Institute of Transport and Development Policy, New York.


I coordinated a Capacity Development Project in Ecodesign. Within Institutions and Industry. With TU Delft (Netherlands), INETI (Portugal). Funded by EU Grant.

Sustainable Consumption

I teach and run workshops for youth  on Sustainable Consumption. “To  accelerate the shift”, 2002 UNEP, Roundtable.

Barefoot College

I do Projects focussed upon remote rural poor women. I serve as technical advisor, Barefoot College.

Deer Park

I work towards improving the ecology in the Himalayas. I serve as Advisor to the Deer Park Institute, Bir.

Venture Creation

I work to create ventures. I have set up two firms – consulting and manufacturing. I have mentored design startups. I have studied startup ecologies.


I established and ran an Industrial Design consulting firm, for manufacturing Industry.


I set up an ran a contract furniture and prototyping factory. 16 staff.


I set up commercial recycling businesses undertaking neighbourhood waste pickup.