Funded projects, developmental projects, initiatives


Development of an experience based co-design, supportive care app with and for people affected by pancreatic cancer, 2017 Supporting people with cancer, Cancer Council Australia, (AUD, 120,000).

The “Older and Wiser” project

Development of a co-designed, online, supportive care resource for older adults affected by cancer, 2018 Supporting people with cancer, Cancer Council Australia, (AUD, 120,000).

Past Research

  • I Love Blended Learning: Enabling Learner Self-Management (LSM) within Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning and Teaching Investment Fund, RMIT University, 2016 (AUD 60,000).
  • Beautiful Blackboard, School Research Committee, School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University, 2015 (AUD 6,000).
  • Ways of Working Together (Project Diabetes), Learning and Teaching Investment Fund, RMIT University, 2007 (AUD 60,000).
  • The Indian European Ecodesign Programme, 1999-2003, With researchers from TU Delft, Netherlands & INETI, Protugal. EU India Economic Cross Cultural Programme (EU 400,000).
  • Campus Recycling Programme, 1998-2003, IIT Delhi, Service Fee, (INR 120,000 pm), Commercialization with StartUp Support from Various sources.

L&T Research and Capacity Development

With a background of work in the NGO sector, I see studio teaching as instances of capacity development; where projects incorporate both method (scholarship) and capacity development (student journeys). Theoretically informed by constructivist pedagogy, in this form of teaching practice ‘assessment’ is a learning task thus to be performed by the learner & ‘content’ is student-owned to facilitate deep & emotionally robust student journeys. Incorporating live-projects and “industry partnered studios”, my teaching practice demonstrates the integration of teaching, scholarship and leadership.

  • Within Design Education at RMIT my L&T practice has been valued and also acknowledged by my receipt of RMIT teaching awards and LTIF grants.
  • Teaching studios from a place that combines activism, aesthetics and authentic engagement I have vigorously privileged individual student’s unique journeys.
  • My course planning and assessment, drawing on constructivist theory and development discourse, privileges peer learning & student self-assessment.
  • The following peer-review comment acknowledges my claims of impactful practice: “This was an impressive demonstration of student engagement. It is good the way the lecturer has facilitated and empowered the students in the development of their study.”