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… it all comes down to that glass of champagne at the Design Museum when Deyan Sudjic, sipping quietly, says to British politician Gordon Brown …

All That Is Product Melts into Service PDF

Australian designers are known in the North America for their ability to take projects through to prototyping or working out manufacture.

Creative Currents for our Common Futures PDF

Giving up and renunciation is a visible theme in Asia and accessible to the designer too.

Sustainability in the Global South PDF

I borrow Dolezel ’s notion of Heterocosmica (1998) to describe this trajectory, which is a theoretical discourse on the notion of the narrative world …

A new beginning for teaching Design for Sustainability PDF

Could the sacred be, whatever its variants, a two-sided formation?

Design Philosophy Papers PDF

Elsewhere Starck, Giovannoni and others talk of how desirable vulgarity and kitsch are. And they generally design simple objects for the home, or furniture.

On the Telling of Stories PDF

The bridge between matter and spirit is matter becoming spirit.

Design Monthly, Korea PDF

This is the liminal space, neither inside nor outside but in-between, a transitional space separating the
two parts of the house.

My Grandfathers House PDF

One day many years ago, sold by a street vendor in New Delhi as just another stainless steel utensil, a Michael Graves Kettle by Alessi came into my possession.

The Theory of the Social Object, English and Korean PDF

Universities today are an essential feature of our civilisation. It is almost as if developed human societies
cannot do without them.

School of Design Proposal, Delhi University, PDF

Instead I suggested a view of design as primarily a dematerialised practice, where the technology constituted an instrumentality of this practice.

Service design for India: The thinking behind the design of a local curriculum, Re-Public, PDF

Ultimately universities face a fundamental question of what capabilities to train and educate for.

Taking on Australian Industrial Design Education, EPDE2009, PDF

My teaching practice is a form of research-orientated undergraduate teaching …

Teaching Industrial Design Students Sustainability PDF

The context of design for mass-manufacture now sits predominantly in Asia.

India and China in Australian Industrial Design Education PDF

China is a factor in the daily work of designers in Australia

When Australian Design Works in China PDF

The immersion of students in the problems of a community facilitates a greater level of empathy …

Working with Communities PDF

Soumitri Laoshi

From the Blog Soumitri Laoshi: Writing on learning, teaching and education theory.

… all pedagogy is military pedagogy to the extent knowledge and education are used as weapons.

Is all Pedagogy Military Pedagogy? 18/12/2016

Where design practice is both Technological-scientific work (Kuhn and Feyerabend) and work as in Craft (sociology of craft, Sennet) – its is is also Practice as in rites, ritual, performance.

Methodological aspects of the PhD: Ways of Making Meaning, 12/06/2016

You too could take a shot at finding and growing your inner entrepreneur.

Grow your Inner Entrepreneur, 27/07/2017

A session of drawing can be set up by preparing your temperament.

I Love Drawing, 02/03/2017

Campaign Projects

From the Blog Campaign Projects: Writing on future visions, change, sustainability and activism.

The inability of taking into the narrative of a creative practice the simultaneities of ‘the other’ is the tragedy of the ‘assimilationist’ paradigm of elite creative practice.

The Illicit and the Ad Hoc, April 1, 2018

The current practice of service design fails when used to develop services for poor and marginalized communities.

Issues in Health Services Design focused upon Remote-Rural-Poor, April 1, 2018

The democratization of taste, abetted by the Web, coincides with the democratization of creativity.

Producerism —and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur, November 1, 2017

I proposed the notion that by ‘occupying’ the cities of Australia the Homeless has shown us a ground up solution – the tent city!

On Solving Homelessness, August 9, 2017